The Four Seasons Just Announced a Line of Yachts — and They're Just as Luxurious as You'd Think

Four Seasons Yachts will boast spacious, villa-like residences and high-end dining outlets.

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Booking a few nights at a Four Seasons hotel already felt like the pinnacle of an opulent vacation experience. But now, the famed luxury brand is taking it a step further with the announcement of the new Four Seasons Yachts.

Created by a partnership between the Four Seasons, luxury entrepreneurs Nadim Ashi and Philip Levine, and the shipbuilding group Fincantieri, the first Four Seasons Yacht is expected to hit the waters by 2025. The ships, the team shared in a statement, will come with the same bespoke experiences and personalized service you can expect in the hotels.

"Four Seasons Yachts represents the next chapter of our long history of industry-leading innovation, and a milestone moment for our company as we continue to capitalize on new opportunities to extend the world of Four Seasons," Christian Clerc, president, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, shared in a statement with Food & Wine.

The first Four Seasons vessel will be 679 feet long and 88.6 feet wide with 14 decks. According to the team "no expense was spared" in the boat's creation, clocking in at $4.2 million per suite. But all that investment was worth it and is showcased in the vessel's expanded living spaces and all-suite nautical residential living.

Four Seasons Yacht
Four Seasons

In total, the first boat will come with 95 spacious accommodations, each featuring an extensive network of joining suite combinations creating adaptable, villa-like residences.

In the suite's guests will find floor-to-ceiling windows that provide unobstructed views and access to expansive terrace decks. And every room comes with 7.9-foot ceilings to ensure it feels as spacious and airy as possible.

"In partnership with Four Seasons, we are creating a new category of luxury lifestyle travel that appeals to discerning guests. We are bringing together the very best across industries to create the pinnacle yachting offering through world-class design, curated experiences, and truly exceptional service," Larry Pimentel, a veteran luxury travel industry expert and the man responsible for leading the new enterprise, said. "When we launch in 2025, there will be nothing else like it on the open seas."

Suite accommodations start at an average of 581 square feet of indoor/outdoor living space, and move all the way to its most expansive residence, the "Funnel Suite," which includes four levels spread across 9,601 square feet of combined indoor/outdoor living space. That includes a private wading pool and dedicated private spa area.

Common spaces onboard the boat include its restaurants, lounges, and bar concepts, where the Four Seasons team said guests can find the "perfect cappuccino in the lobby, a Mediterranean-inspired lunch, a dinner tasting at the sushi bar, or a glass of Champagne on the breathtaking terrace." Guests, it added, will never be far from the perfect bite to eat and the ideal drink to sip.

For a moment of relaxation guests can check into the full-service spa, salon, and wellness area, which offers everything from fitness classes to health and nutrition consultations. There's also an outdoor movie theater for watching flicks under the stars, and plenty of deck space for sunbathing on warm days.

Luigi Matarazzo, the general manager merchant ships division of Fincantieri, put it best with this simple statement: "This project is in a class of its own, combining the best of passenger ship construction and yacht design to create a new benchmark for ultra-luxury vessels." Follow the project and be among the first to book here.

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