Bringing together some of the brightest stars from its properties all around the world, the Four Seasons Pop Down Miami party was one of the best culinary and cocktail moments in town during Art Basel week.

Credit: Keith Motsi of Equis at the Four Season Beijing (photo: Danica Lo)

At the Four Seasons Pop Down Miami event Friday night during Art Basel, on board the 312-ft Kismet superyacht—the very same Kismet superyacht Beyonce and Jay-Z chartered this past summer to the tune of $1.4+ million per week for a quiet family holiday in Capri—there were chefs and star bartenders from all over the world, charcuterie as far as the eye could see (including an entire bone-in Fermin Iberico ham), a handful of Real Housewives and other women in ballgowns (barefoot, per the Kismet's strict no-shoe policy), one Daniel Boulud, glass walkways, an elevator, hot tubs and pools plural, a fitness center, several outdoor showers, and a private hair salon. With apologies to Stefon, This yacht has everything.

Credit: Kismet docked in Miami for the Four Seasons Pop Down (photo: Danica Lo)

The Four Seasons Pop Down Miami was the third in a series—the first and second were in Toronto and Philadelphia, respectively, the fourth will take place in Hong Kong in early 2019—of international events created by the luxury hotel brand in collaboration with artists and visionaries in cities around the world. The invitation-only bash, held during this year's Art Basel week convened tastemakers from around the world as well as some of the Four Seasons' brightest culinary and cocktail stars, including:

  • Daniel Boulud of Cafe Boulud and djbar at Four Seasons Hotel Toronto
  • Mauro Colagreco, chef collaborator at Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach
  • Aaron Brooks of Four Seasons Hotel Miami
  • Antonio Mermolia of Le Sirenuse Miami at Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club
  • Chris Ford of the Beverly Wilshire (a Four Seasons Hotel)
  • Rabii Saber of Four Seasons Resort in Orlando at Walt Disney World
  • Angel Betancourt of the Ocean Club, a Four Seasons Resort, Bahamas
  • Nicolas Lambert of the Four Seasons Hotel Lion Place St. Petersburg
  • Diogo Lopes of Four Season Hotel Ritz Lisbon
  • Fatima Leon of Fifty Mils at Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City
  • Melissa Hart of djbar at Four Seasons Toronto
  • Keith Motsi of Equis at the Four Seasons Hotel Beijing
  • Ashish Sharma of the Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur
  • Valentino Longo of the Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club, Surfside, Florida
  • Jeisson Caro of the Four Seasons Hotel Bogota
  • Karen Arceyuth of the Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagaya
Credit: photo: Danica Lo

As part of the Pop Down experience, the Four Seasons sponsored an installation of artist Patrick Shearn's Glass Horizon at the Island Gardens Marina—this is the first piece in Shearn's series to appear on the east coast and will be on display through mid-day December 9.

Now here's the first-person op-ed part of the story: If you have any clout or social sway, do what you can to get on the ultra-exclusive invite lists to these Four Seasons Pop Down events (reminder: the next takes place in Hong Kong in March 2019), because they're grand and the culinary experience, tasting and drinking international flavors, ingredients, drinks, and dishes from the best talents in hospitality, all in one place because they've been specially flown in specially from all around the world, is a rare luxury.

Highlights from the evening include Fatima Leon's guava, tequila, cotton candy, glitter, and confectionary butterfly creation:

Credit: Cocktail by Fatima Leon of Fifty Mils at the Four Seasons Mexico City (photo: Danica Lo

The Fermin jamon Iberico, always a pleasure:

Credit: Fermin Iberico ham at the Four Seasons Pop Down in Miami (photo: Danica Lo)

Ashish Sharma's honey-infused gin cocktail, featuring a stencil bumblebee:

Credit: Cocktail by Ashish Sharma of the Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur (photo: Danica Lo)

And, of course the Shearn Glass Horizon installation, which we visited both in broad daylight and after dark, when it somehow became even more magical, lining the black carpet on deck.

At night, I'm afraid my camera can't capture the true impact of the piece:

Credit: Seen at night, the Patrick Shearn "Glass Horizon" installation at the Four Seasons Pop Down in Miami (photo composite: Danica Lo)