A lame photo of the awesome fluke crudo at Má Pêche.There it is, Má Pêche, David Chang's midtown Vietnamese-accented restaurant in the Chambers hotel, and the doors are finally open (or they were yesterday for a Friends & Family lunch - they're opening any minute now for everyone). You walk in, and there’s a mini Momofuku Milk Bar counter (more on that later). You walk downstairs, and there’s the dining room, with Momofuku’s first chairs with backs (more on that at NBC’s Feast, plus photos). Then you look at chef Tien Ho's menu and the hard decisions begin. To start, don't miss: fluke crudo with small pineapple chunks and a pungent mixed-herb salsa; wild Burgundy snails with meaty pork sausage links, garlic and tarragon; and lemongrass-and-caramel-glazed pork ribs, in preview in the Chambers mezzanine (if it’s possible, they’ve gotten better). The don’t-miss main course is the unassumingly named steak frites, a 12-ounce Juliet steak from Creekstone Farm (you just read about the Kansas beef purveyor in the New York Times). The steak comes with supersize, starchy (in the best way) rice fries and something the kitchen is calling "ghetto sauce," a mixture of mayonnaise, Sriracha, Worcestershire and a secret ingredient (Maggi seasoning). Dessert is upstairs—it’s the greatest hits of Milk Bar with one major addition, something called Franken Pie, which is a sampling of Crack Pie, Candy Pie and Cinnamon Bun Pie. It rocks.