Village Harvest's precooked frozen quinoa takes the guesswork out of preparing hearty grains for F&W Executive Food Editor Tina Ujlaki.

F&W Executive Food Editor Tina Ujlaki applies her incredible cooking knowledge to explaining what to do with a variety of interesting ingredients.

By now everyone knows that fiber-rich whole grains are good for you, and even that they are delicious, too. Nevertheless, I know that a lot of people still shy away from preparing grains like farro, wheat berries and quinoa (that’s KEEN-wa) because they think they’ll take forever to cook.

Now there’s no excuse, because Village Harvest has done it for you, and they’ve done it very well. Their five varieties of precooked frozen grains and blends—red quinoa and brown rice; brown, red and wild rice; wheat berry and barley; farro and red rice; and golden quinoa—can be heated in a microwave in moments, and they’re all perfectly al dente. Delicious as they are on their own as side dishes, tossed with seasonings and herbs, you can just as easily turn them into pilafs or salads or stir them into soups or pancake batters.