By Mike Pomranz
Updated November 19, 2014
Matt Alexander, Press Association

If you’re more health conscious than high tech, a pop-up store in London would probably have been your cup of tea—a Real Apple Store that really sold real apples. Really!

London’s Borough Market celebrated two special occasions—its 1,000th year in business and Apple Day—in a very whimsical way: by opening a Real Apple Store. The pop-up location featured “1,000 apples of all manner of varieties displayed en masse on walls and individually laid out on clear acrylic pedestals on counters with accompanying specs, of course,” wrote the blog Core77.

Unfortunately, according to the Huffington Post, the Real Apple Store—billed as the first of its kind—was open for only one day, October 26. But for us Yanks who didn’t happen to be on that side of the pond for the special occasion, the video above has been making the rounds so everyone can see that eating fruit can be just as engaging as using touchscreens.

Next up, a competing Microsoft store that is…tiny…? And soft?