The celebrity chef names his favorite restaurants in Asturias, Spain.

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Credit: Courtesy of Casa Marcial

I was born here, in Spain’s northwest, and I love going back to visit family and friends. Set along the Cantabrian Sea, Asturias has amazing seafood. Every winter I make a pilgrimage to eat oricios (sea urchins)—they’re like kissing the sea! The region is also famous for its cheeses (Cabrales blue cheese is the best known), and the chilly climate is perfect for apple orchards and cider, or sidra.

Where to Eat in Asturias

Casa GerardoCarretera AS-19, Km. 9, Prendes; +34 985 88 77 97

Fabada asturiana—the ultimate bean dish—is a signature of the region. Get it at the fifth-generation restaurant of the Morán family, where tradition meets creativity.

Casa LinAv. Telares, 3, Avilés; +34 985 56 48 27

Both a seafood restaurant and a sidrería, Casa Lin has been around since 1890. Try the potatoes stewed with octopus. They’re legendary.

Casa MarcialCalle La Salgar, Arriondas, Parres; +34 985 84 09 91

For the highest level of Asturian cooking, I send people to my friend chef Nacho Manzano.

La HuertonaCarretera de la Piconera, Ribadesella; +34 985 86 05 53

This is the place for angulas, or baby eels. There’s nothing like sitting near the river where they’re caught while you enjoy a plateful of them!

Restaurants Güeyu MarPlaya de Vega, 84, Ribadesella; +34 985 86 08 63

Abel Álvarez and his wife, Luisa, only serve seafood, fresh from the Cantabrian Sea, and most things are cooked on the grill. Order the rey (or virrey), a fish like no other.

El RompeolasSan Miguel, 21, Tazones, Villaviciosa; +34 985 89 70 13

These guys specialize in seafood—make sure to try the pixín, or monkfish. They also sun-dry fish outside, which is an amazing sight to see.