The fashion designer talks her favorite pasta dish, colorful plates from Puglia and the best gelato in Milan. 

Margherita MIssoni
Credit: © Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images for House Of Peroni

Dinner Table Etiquette

When I was growing up, my family was serious about manners. I always wanted to put my elbow on the table to prop my head up. I didn’t understand how other people looked awake. My head felt so heavy after the whole day.

Man in the Kitchen

On Sundays my husband [race car driver Eugenio Amos] motocrosses with friends. Then they all come to lunch, and he cooks indulgent dishes like bone marrow risotto.

Cooking Like a Missoni

I’m the only one in my family who doesn’t cook, but I can do a Swiss dish called frittatensuppe. You make a thin omelet from eggs, flour and parsley, then roll and cut it in the shape of tagliatelle and add broth. It’s a tradition we adopted.

Fashionable Foraging

My grandmother [Missoni founder Rosita Missoni] picks mushrooms and makes wild salads. We eat the roots and everything.

Elemental Ideas

At Latteria San Marco in Milan, they cook in solid silver pans. The owner is an alchemist. He believes silver oxidizes elements to make them better. That’s why babies are given silver spoons.

Dining Design

I have a lot of Missoni tablecloths, but for breakfast we use placemats—we call them “American-style.” I have some in crazy patterns from the Swedish brand Svenskt Tenn. And I like plates from Grottaglie in Puglia, stained in wild colors.

Mind-Blowing Pasta

There’s a great place near Bergamo, northeast of Milan, called Da Vittorio. It’s a Michelin three-star but super- easygoing. Their pasta with tomato is the best you’ve ever had in your life.

Ice Cream Makes a Meal

Sometimes I have ice cream for lunch. Gelateria Sempione in Milan is the best in the world, hands down. The chocolate sorbetto is amazing.