F&W's Italy travel guide features all the best places to eat, explore and shop in Italy.

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Sardinia by the Glass: Where to Eat, Drink, and Stay on the Island
Exploring the less-traveled, more wine-centric parts of the iconic Italian island.
Italy Unfiltered: A Week of Food and Drink With the Country's Best Natural Winemakers
On the road with a chef and his wine importer; here are the best wine discoveries from the trip.
Falling for the Old, the New, and the Timeless in Sicily
What to eat, drink, and see from Catania to Palermo and Marsala…and beyond
Sicilian Wine Tour Itinerary: Mount Etna
With stunning seaside views and a local winemaking scene that keeps getting hotter, the time to visit is now.
What to Eat, Drink and Do in Franciacorta
In Italy’s Franciacorta region, home to sparkling wines that rival those of champagne, Tarajia Morrell finds ancient castles and crystalline lakes, and rides horses through the vines.
You Need to Visit This Underrated Tuscan Food City ASAP
In terms of tourism, Lucca lives in the shadow of the nearby Pisa, but for no good reason: the charming fortress town offers some of the best food in Tuscany.

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A Guide to Drinking & Eating in Italy's Piedmont Region
The Piedmont region of Italy is home to one of the world's most beautiful red wines—along with hilltop castles, extraordinary restaurants and valleys full of vines. Time to drink it all in.
A Recipe Road Trip Through Campania
Napolitano pies—huge, soupy and piled with bufala—are usually the first stop for any traveler to Southern Italy. But the cuisine in and around Naples goes deeper than pizza. Campania is a fertile agricultural region, providing produce—like its famous zucchini, tomatoes and citrus—to the rest of Italy. The Tyrrhenian sea to the west teems with octopus, anchovies and mussels, and windswept hills are studded with vineyards and olive orchards. Generations of farmers have maintained indigenous livestock breeds, providing meat and dairy products like the region’s beloved cheeses.What’s the best way to sample this region’s rich history and cuisine? In a perfect world, we’d all be able to take a road trip down the Italian coast—red convertible, wind in our hair, Sofia Loren-style. If this isn’t in the cards, fear not: You can still cook your way around Campania with Naples and the Amalfi Coast (April 2017), the latest in Phaidon’s Silver Spoon series on Italian cooking. The book, available now for pre-order, offers a culinary tour with recipes from each of Campania’s five provinces—check out a sneak peek below. —Hannah Walhout
20 Pizzas to Eat in Italy Before You Die

To kick off Food & Wine’s exciting new partnership with Phaidon, Where to Eat Pizza writer Daniel Young created this exclusive Italian pizza bucket list to add to your life goals. It’s possible to knock out several iconic spots in and around Naples, but his picks will lead you to must-visit stops in popular destinations like Rome, Florence, Milan and beyond.