The treatments are only "inspired" by gin, but most come with a complimentary cocktail.
Credit: LiliGraphie/Getty Images

The Brits love their gin. The juniper-flavored (or should we say "flavoured") spirit has a long history with the British Isles but has also seen a renaissance across the pond in recent years. And now, the United Kingdom's gin obsession has reached a point where people are apparently willing to slather themselves in the stuff—almost literally. A "gin spa"—billed as a world's "first"—has opened up in Scotland. However, though plenty of gin-based drinks are available, the spa treatments are strictly non-alcoholic.

Simply called "The Gin Spa," the unique venture was opened last month in Glasgow by the same team behind Gin 71, the city's first dedicated gin bar.

"Gin Spa is the first botanical- and gin-inspired day spa in the world," owner Paul Reynolds said according to the Huffington Post. "We are focusing on botanical-inspired products for our treatments. We also have a complimentary gin bar that we give to our guests after their treatment…. And where we want to take this journey is the customer is experiencing gin from the minute they come through the door. So that the scent of juniper and lime is what they experience as soon as the door opens."

Importantly, unlike the similar sounding "beer spas" that have cropped up in recent memory where guests sometimes find themselves literally bathing in beer, The Gin Spa's treatments – which include massages, facials, manicures and pedicures – are only said to use "the highest  quality botanical products inspired by the finest gins," meaning no actual gins were harmed in the making of that massage. Instead, most treatments simply come with a complimentary gin cocktail.

Full packages start at £55 for a 30-minute personally-tailored treatment that comes with afternoon tea with a glass of prosecco and a G&T, but go up to £99 for a 60-minute treatment that also includes an "arrival drink at Gin71 and 5 Course Gin Inspired Tasting Menu."

Overall, Reynolds described his spa as "the perfect storm of great service, exceptional treatments, product and, of course, gin." Of course.