On my recent trip to Buenos Aires, I probably ate the same amount of beef in a week that I did in all of 2006. Here are a few of my favorite steak stops:

-La Cabrera: Recently mentioned in the New York Times, this new-style parrilla (place that specializes in grilled beef) in hip Palermo Soho was packed with Americans, which made me a little nervous. I had no reason to be—it was fantastic. The tang of the goat’s milk provoletta made this grilled hunk of melty cheese feel slightly less hedonistic. Our only mistake was to order two steaks: tenderloin and skirt. This was too much food since both came with six small side dishes, like hard-boiled eggs in mayo and stewy tomatoes.

-La Brigada: Missing this old-school, football(soccer)-obsessed parrilla in this Spanish colonial neighborhood of San Telmo might be like skipping cheese steaks on a first visit to Philadelphia. La Brigada is established, but not tired, with one of the most extensive lists of organ meats I saw. They ran out of goat sweetbreads (sigh) so we got lamb’s tongue in a tangy vinaigrette. The sweet-spiced morcilla was runny but delicious when spread on bread. Our waiter suggested we order the bife de chorizo, so we followed suit. I've seen different definitions but I think it was a thickly cut strip steak. It was unbelievably juicy and flavorful: my favorite steak of the trip. And the best part? The waiter cut it in half for us to share with a spoon!