Wine blending experts from Judd's Hill explain how to create your own wine at home, from selecting the type of grape to mixing different tannin levels.

By M. Elizabeth Sheldon
Updated May 23, 2017

From barrel to bottle, these are the expert steps Judd's Hill winemakers will walk you through to create your masterpiece.

Step 1
The winery staff decants a small amount of wine for visitors to blend with samples from other barrels. Different barrels of the same type of grape (like Merlot) may taste different depending on where they were grown and the length of aging.

Step 2
Guests mix small batches of samples with different tannin levels, flavors and textures to create balanced blends. The winemakers offer advice, but don't dictate style—the point is to create a distinctive wine that incorporates your favorite qualities.

Step 3
Depending on the winery and local laws, guests may be able to cork their own bottles to take home, or have them shipped later. Many wineries offer custom labels (wedding proposals are popular) and allow guests to order additional bottles.