Thursday, April 28th is a great night to eat out at countless restaurants around the country: They're participating in Dining Out for Life and helping to support people with illnesses like AIDS.
Dining Out for Life with Pam Grier
Credit: © Nick D’Amico/15 Minutes Inc.

I would be a big fan of Foxy Brown star Pam Grier under any circumstances. But we're actually related (she's my ex stepsister-in-law; long story); I'm proud of everything she does. Right now, I'm extra proud of her work with Dining Out for Life. The organization, with help from Subaru, has been fighting AIDS for over 25 years, in part by encouraging people to dine out at participating restaurants on a designated night. That night is Thursday, April 28th and those restaurants—more than 3,000 of them in 60 states across the US and Canada—are donating 25 percent of their profits to support people with life-threatening illnesses. Pam has been involved in the organization for 6 years; the Dining Out organizers found her in Vancouver when she was filming the Showtime series the L Word and Pam got right on board. (In fact, Pam is a big volunteer-er and frequently works at soup kitchens and with hunger organizations like Hip Hop for Humanity when she's on location.)

On April 28th, Pam will be eating out at at least one of the 250 Dining Out for Life restaurants in the Denver/Boulder area. If you see her, say hi. Likewise, look out for the other spokespeople for this great cause: food star Ted Allen, chef Daisy Martinez and designer Mondo Guerra. Most importantly, go out and support Dining Out for Life: you can locate participating restaurants in your city here. I promised Pam I would come to Denver next year and go restaurant hopping with her. She has an idea for expanding the reach of DOFL for 2017: Food trucks.