On vacation along the Maryland shore, I managed to eat crab at every restaurant we went to--steamed crabs, crab dip, crab cakes, crab cake sliders and crab toast, mostly. Well, even I needed a little variety after a few days, and I found it at a place called Seacrets. Anyone who has been to this part of the country will know Seacrets; it's an enormous bar/restaurant/club right on the bay that typically has at least one live band and peacocks wandering on the sand through the palm trees and wooden tables. Anyway, the menu listed deep-fried mac-and-cheese wedges (I'm not talking haute cuisine here, if that's not already obvious). Initially I thought this sounded ridiculously over-the-top and even a bit gross, but after only a second, I decided that they sounded way too good to pass up. So what are they? Little wedges (the size/shape of a chicken nugget) of really cheesy mac-and-cheese in a crisp, almost tempura-like batter, that came to the table super-hot and crispy, in a little paper-lined basket. My advice to you: Order these if you spot them on a menu. They're even worth skipping the crab.