David Chang's new restaurant is an app.

By Justine Sterling
Updated May 24, 2017
Photo © Marcus Nilsson

David Chang is the living embodiment of can’t stop, won’t stop. Less than a year after launching the fried chicken sandwich phenomenon Fuku and just months after opening his ambitious Asian-Italian-inflected restaurant Nishi, Chang revealed that he is working on a delivery-only restaurant called Ando.

Due to launch later this spring in New York, Ando’s menu is being overseen by chef J.J. Basil, formerly of wd~50, and will include dishes like huge cheesesteaks made with house-made American cheese, tofu bowls, exclusive cookies from Christina Tosi (sat-and-pepper, Ritz Cracker and chocolate chip) and a secret KFC-style fried chicken bucket. According to Fast Company, the food will be available via an app and come in old-school Chinese-food takeout containers.

Chang is already an investor in Maple, a NYC meal-delivery service with a rotating menu of $12 lunches and $15 dinners directed by Le Bernardin alum Soa Davies. But he doesn’t see Ando as a threat to Maple or vice versa. “It’s a giant pie,” Chang told Fast Co. “I mean, Momofuku’s Noodle Bar and Ssäm Bar are [close to each other]. I don’t view them as competitors."

As if Ando isn’t enough for the ambitious Chang, Eater reports that the chef is planning on opening another, larger Fuku outpost this year with vegetarian and fish options, more Milk Bar locations and, possibly, a cooking show.