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This piece originally appeared on Travel + Leisure.

Sure, you can stay in Cinderella’s castle. But why would you want to, when you (and dozens of your friends and relatives) can sleep in an incredible, 10-bedroom Orlando estate with its own water park, mini golf course, arcade, and ice cream cone-shaped pool?

Let’s put it this way: our friends at Travel + Leisure sort through thousands of places to stay every year. It takes a lot of “wow factor” to really blow th editors away. And this house has made the entire office “oooh” and “aaaah” and look up flights to Orlando—not always the destination at the top of our lists.


Aaron Bailey/Gainesville360

The ten bedrooms are all individually themed—one riffs on Coca Cola nostalgia while another is covered in M&M everything; another one, with two sets of bunk beds, has a ball pit as its floor. What channels your inner child more than a room with a ball pit for a floor?

The 30,000-gallon, ice cream cone-shaped pool might. The cone is fit for swimming, the white ice cream scoops have built-in fountains for splashing around, and the cherry on top is actually a Jacuzzi. Oh, and there’s a water slide decorated with a larger-than-life bottle of Hershey’s chocolate syrup.


Aaron Bailey/Gainesville360

The five-acre grounds are a life-sized Candyland board, with sports courts, laser tag, a karaoke bar with disco lighting, an indoor sauna, and massage chairs—so you can live out all your childhood fantasies and then retreat to a little no-cost pampering. If you forget to hit the Magic Kingdom, we won’t blame you.

Sweet House Orlando Florida

Aaron Bailey/Gainesville360

The estate can be rented through for an average price of $1,182 a night, and sleeps up to 52 guests.