For this special issue, we celebrate cooks and photographers who know their way around a camera and a stove. “Shoot what you like,” we told them. “Tell us a story with soul.”
Rice Noodles
Credit: Deana Saukam

Some, like guest editor Eric Wolfinger and Deana Saukam, trained their lenses on far-off lands to contribute to this visual feast. Danish chef Bo Bech shared a vignette from Paris. Photographer Penny De Los Santos documented a Muslim community in eastern Michigan, while Romulo Yanes and Christopher Hirsheimer and Melissa Hamilton hunkered down in their kitchens. We include the recipes they discovered on their respective journeys.

Eric Wolfinger: Hokkaido & Okinawa, Japan

Making Dashi
Credit: Eric Wolfinger

Eric Wolfinger traveled the length of Japan with Chef Shinobu Namae of Tokyo’s L’effervescence restaurant to learn about and document the origins of dashi, the deceptively simple, umami-rich broth of dried bonito and kelp that’s the foundation of Japanese cooking.

Deana Saukam: Cambodia

Rice Noodles
Credit: Deana Saukam

After fleeing the Khmer Rouge in 1975, writer-photographer Deana Saukam’s family never went back to Cambodia. Recently, she made the journey herself, connecting with her culinary roots through photography and food.

Bo Bech: Paris

Bo Bech
Credit: Bo Bech

A hotel room in Paris. A reunion with friends. An 18-years-late dinner reservation. Bo Bech shares a moment in the life of a Danish chef abroad.

Penny De Los Santos: Dearborn, Michigan

Dearborn Mural
Credit: Penny de Los Santos

Just 20 minutes outside Detroit lies Dearborn, Michigan, where more than 40 percent of the population is of Arabic descent. Photographer Penny De Los Santos reports on the city’s middle eastern root system and the food industry that thrives around it.

Romulo Yanes: San Francisco

Burnt Caramel Flan
Credit: Romulo Yanes

After the passing of his mother, photographer Romulo Yanes celebrates her life by cooking the recipes of his childhood: Cuban ropa vieja, tender fried plantains, black beans, yuca, and a custardy burnt caramel flan.

Hirsheimer & Hamilton: Milford, New Jersey

Credit: Hirsheimer and Hamilton

As photographers, as cooks, and as eaters, Christopher Hirsheimer and Melissa Hamilton find a lot to love in the gemstone hues and delicate, bitter taste of chicories.