PDT alums are taking over NYC's Boilermaker.

By Kate Krader
Updated May 24, 2017

Happy anniversary, PDT! For nine years, we've slipped through the phone booth tucked into the corner of Crif Dogs in the East Village, into a dark, correct space where well-dressed bartenders mix you some of the world's great drinks.

This past weekend, from Sunday through Tuesday, May 29-31, PDT has been celebrating their anniversary in the best imaginable way: By reviving some of the cocktails that earned them the title of World's Best Bar. Led by founding partner Jim Meehan, the PDT Time Machine is in action at NYC's appropriately retro East Village bar, Boilermaker. Twenty-four of their epic bartenders (many of them stars of F&W Cocktail book series) have reunited to work shifts behind the bar; even a few of the lovely hosts are back.

Among the highlights: Don Lee, from the great online mixology store Cocktail Kingdom, reprised his groundbreaking Benton's Old Fashioned, on Sunday. On Monday, Mother of Pearl's Jane Danger mixed the Melon Stand, while Lindsay Nader came in from the West Coast to pour the figetaboutit (both drink names have fun stories behind them; ask the bartenders). And on Tuesday, Amanda Victoria will serve the White Negroni. It's Dave Chang's favorite PDT drink. "He made them so popular that for a while we had to smuggle bottles of Suze in suitcases from Europe because you couldn't get it here, back in the day," says Meehan. "Now it's available here; we don't have to break the law to make a White Negroni for Dave."

If anyone's looking for me tonight, I'll be at the Time Machine; John deBary is mixing The Shark, a perfect-for-summer blue rum drink. Come say hi. You'll find details here.