Every wine professional I know already worships Crif Dogs on St. Marks place for their outstanding hot dogs, which are deep-fried (!) and smothered with toppings that range from their secret chili sauce to owner Brian Shebairo’s favorite, the Chihuahua which is wrapped in bacon and doused with salsa, avocado and sour cream. Now cocktail fanatics will have ample reason to love him too. In a month or so, he’ll launch PDT, a lounge with what will surely be the coolest entrance in New York City—it will be through Crif Dogs's telephone booth. Superstar mixologist Jim Meehan, who also happens to be deputy editor of Food & Wine’s brand brand new Cocktails 2007, is designing the drinks list; it will lean towards the classics and include houseemade gin and tonic, mai tais and one of our favorites from the book, the Astoria Bianco, made with gin, vermouth and orange bitters. But don’t think this will be high cocktail temple. The music will be an eclectic mix of classic rock, hip hop and alternative music (“it’s not 1920’s jazz and Frank Sinatra all night,” says Meehan). And the bar menu?? Hot dogs, of course, which will be passed through a little window into Crif Dogs, along with new lobster rolls and fried oysters. Shebairo is at this moment on the look out for mini dogs (bigger than those iconic cocktail wieners) to do hot dog tasting plates . Let’s hope he finds them. For more details on the taxidermy-focused interior, check our our friends at Eater.