When I drove out to Montauk, New York, last week for all of 16 hours, it was for one reason: to eat at a pop-up restaurant at the Solé East hotel. Our meal, prepared by Jon Shook, one of the two chefs at Los Angeles's Animal (both F&W Best New Chefs 2009), was awesome. After checking out the N.Y. Times Diners Journal blog, I now know that Steven Spielberg and friends ordered all seven items on Animal’s menu, just like my friends and I did. But where has Shook been going to eat during his weeklong stay in Montauk? His favorite spot: Belly’s Sno Balls, for snow cones, which are dispensed from a bright orange truck. Shook has sampled a bunch of flavors, but his favorite is the coconut-watermelon combo (“artificial flavoring all the way,” he says). He’s about to sample the lobster rolls up and down Montauk Highway, so maybe he’ll find something he likes to go with those snow cones.