From Cape Town to Copenhagen, the world has gone crazy for authentic taquerias. We scoured the globe to find some of the best. (Maybe it's time for a World Taco Day?)  
taco day la poblana
Credit: Courtesy of La Poblana / Diego Brava

Not so long ago barely appreciated (or understood) by a lot of people living within a day's drive of Mexico, proper tacos are now here, everywhere and going nowhere, anytime soon.

As beloved as Mexico's unofficial national food has become across the United States, however, it's almost dangerous to get too attached, particularly if you like to travel—the drop-off once you leave North America is, well, kind of extreme.

You can get average-to-terrible Tex-Mex anywhere, these days, from Berlin, to Bangkok and Bali, too, but those deceptively simple, not-oversized tacos, resting on real, house-made tortillas? Until very recently, it made no sense to even bother looking, in most places.

These days, however, the list of authentic taquerias nowhere near Mexico is growing, and quite quickly, too—we scoured the globe to find some of the best. If you're celebrating this National Taco Day in a far-flung land, who knows—good tacos might now be just around the corner.

La Tortilleria Melbourne, Australia
A tortilla factory and taqueria from a crew of Mexico City expats is one of the best options in a city that's gone mad for Mexican.

11 Westside Hong Kong
Los Angeles went crazy for Edras Ochoa's Salazar; now Hong Kong's obsessing over Ochoa's brand new spot, just below Victoria Peak.

El Nopal Paris
Not one, but two petite counter joints dole out real deal tacos to cheap eaters in the French capital, which got its first taco truck a few years ago and has never bothered to look back.

Campechano Toronto
Toronto's as into tacos as you would hope any important city in North America would be, at this stage in the game—this one's the real deal, from a young Mexican-Canadian chef who spent six months teaching himself how to make tortillas before opening.

Hija de Sanchez Copenhagen
Once pastry chef at the world-famous Noma, Rocio Sanchez left to open two casual (but deadly serious about tacos) spots that are now almost as sought after by food tourists as, well, Noma.

El Burro Cape Town
House-made corn tortillas cooked up fresh daily, in South Africa? Anyone who knows Cape Town's outward-looking food scene won't be terribly surprised. Also here: Surprisingly good churros.

Taqueria La Poblana Reykjavik
Tourists looking for a quick, cheap bite in the Icelandic capital should make tracks for the new Hlemmur food hall and this brand-new spot that knows exactly what it's doing.

Maria Sabina London
This modest market stall at the Pop Brixton start-up incubator is a refreshing change of pace from the slew of corporate Mexican food that's recently become popular, all across the United Kingdom—the Guanajuato-born co-owner and her partner met in London, scraped a few hundred pounds together and the rest is taco history.

Lo de Alberto Manila
Balam Nazar grew up in Mexico City's tough sister city, Nezhualcoyotl, today he's probably the best taquero in the Philippines, obsessively sourcing proper cheese and making superb corn tortillas in-house.