Stock up on wine, coffee, ice cream, and more items that boast partnerships with the National Park Foundation. 

By Maddy Sweitzer-Lammé
Updated July 02, 2019

When summer hits, so does the itch to go outdoors. These five brands are partnering with the National Park Foundation to inspire our adventures this summer.

1. Bandit Wines

Next time you hit the trails, take a bottle (or two) of wine with you in the form of Bandit Wines’ super portable one-liter Eco-Smart cartons. Created by celebrated winemakers Charles Bieler, Joel Gott, and Roger Scomegna in 2003, Bandit is one of the first wines to be sold in a Tetra-Pak. “No bottle, no opener, 96 percent wine, 4 percent packaging; and less energy use," says Charles Bieler. "It's packaging for every occasion, and for a green planet."

Bandit is a partner of the National Park Foundation and has donated to the National Trails and National Wild & Scenic Rivers acts to support priority projects. Next time you hit the trails, grab one of Bandit’s seven varietals for a toast at the summit.

2. La Colombe Coffee

Philadelphia-based specialty coffee roaster La Colombe CEO and Co-Founder Todd Carmichael was the first American to make a solo trek across Antarctica to the South Pole. It’s no surprise then that in 2018 the company announced a commitment of at least $100,000 to the National Park Foundation. Look for specially marked cans of their National Parks branded Brazilian Cold Brew, available nationwide at Whole Foods, Publix, Target, Walmart, and more. The cold brew features a rich, unsweetened black coffee with notes of cocoa, perfect for a pick-me-up on the trail. If you prefer to brew your own coffee, check out La Colombe’s Lyon medium-roast whole bean coffee, which also benefits the National Park Foundation.

3. Salt & Straw Camping Flavors

Salt and Straw
Credit: Leela Cyd Ross

As of Memorial Day, Oregon-based, cult-favorite ice cream maker Salt & Straw debuts their June ice cream flavors, inspired by memories of summer camping trips. Described as “nostalgic-station-wagon-camping-meets-thoughtful-foraged-ingredients series” the flavors aim to inspire you to take your ice cream outside. Team Food & Wine loved the Campfire S’mores flavor, which features a woodsy chocolate ice cream shot through with toasted marshmallow fluff and a graham cracker pop rock crunch, which transported us straight to the fireside. Another unexpected favorite was Buttermilk Pancakes, Bacon & Eggs, which combines classic camping breakfast flavors in an unexpected way, with sunny-side egg caramel, maple praline bacon bites and custardy, griddled pancake ice cream. All five limited-edition ice creams are available for nationwide shipping at, and will all raise funds for the National Parks Foundation through a limited-edition partnership with Pendleton USA.

4. Pendleton USA National Park Blanket

In addition to their partnership with Salt & Straw this summer, Pendleton USA supports the National Park Foundation through their National Park collection. There’s nothing worse than sitting on itchy grass trying to enjoy your picnic, or catching a chill while you roast marshmallows at the campfire – enter the National Park Collection wool blankets, which take you from summer picnics to winter bonfires and back again without wearing out. Pendleton has been weaving wool blankets since the early 1900s out of fabric made in American mills, and has long supported the National Park Foundation. Each blanket features design inspired by the environment of a beloved National Park, and supports critical restoration projects through the National Parks Foundation, so you can support the environment and feel cozy doing it.

Credit: Dean Fikar/Getty Images

5. HydroFlask National Park Collection

Since 2017, Hydro Flask has partnered with the National Park Foundation to support Parks For All, the foundations charitable grant and advocacy program. This year, they’ve rolled out a collection of colorful, limited edition bottles featuring a screen print inspired by one of five America’s most beloved national parks – Grand Canyon, Olympic, Yellowstone, Great Smoky Mountains and Joshua Tree. Available in 21 ounce Standard Mouth or 32 oz. Wide Mouth, these bottles feature Hydro Flask’s TempShield technology, which promises to keep cold beverages cold for 24 hours, or hot beverages