Credit: © Darwin Wiggett/Getty Images

For anyone second-guessing whether or not wine is good for your health, just talk to Jack Ballantyne.

The Canadian nature-lover used a wine bottle to fend off a bear in Saskatchewan, Canada last Friday.

According to the CBC, Jack was drinking in the remote area of La Ronge when the bear approached and attacked him.

“All he remembers is that the bear took a swipe at him, hit him and he went flying,” his sister Rose Ballantyne said.

Jack apparently fought off the intimidating carnivore with his wine bottle, while also proceeding to punch the bear in the nose. Luckily, his immediate injuries were only scratches and a sore back. He went to the hospital a few hours later to treat signs of internal bleeding, but was released the next day.

"I'd say he's really lucky, I don't know what he did but he's very lucky and we're all relieved to see that he was okay," Rose said.

We're thinking Jack should capitalize on his experience by coming out with a line of bear-repellant wines. Perhaps a Ca-Bear-Nay, Charda-NO WAY or a PiNO NO-ir.

(h/t Time)