The romance of a honeymoon suite and the smells of your favorite bar.
Credit: © BrewDog

Columbus, Ohio is a lovely town, but unless you’re headed to watch THE Ohio State University play football, it’s not exactly a huge tourist draw. However, starting next year there will be at least one more reason to go to Ohio’s capitol city and involves a Jacuzzi full of beer. BrewDog, the Scottish brewery that has put itself on the map with stunt beers like its 55 percent ABV End of History (which, I’m sure you will recall came inside a taxidermied squirrel) and massively successful public financing campaigns, just got plans approved for a craft beer-focused hotel attached to its new Columbus brewery called the DogHouse.

Slotted to open in September of 2018, the DogHouse will not be the first beer centric hotel in the United States. The Dogfish Inn from Delware’s Dogfish Head Brewery opened last summer and Stone Brewing’s 100+ room Southern California hotel is scheduled to open its doors in early 2018. But BrewDog plans to lure visitors to the Midwest with some extra perks. Every room at the DogHouse will have IPA on tap, and, proving that they’ve been paying attention to the recent onslaught of shower beer think pieces, BrewDog is also including in-shower fridges in every bathroom for total shower beer ease. But for the beer tourist with serious cash to burn, the “Luxury Suite” includes the most over-the-top amenity—a hot tub full of the brewery’s seriously hoppy Punk IPA. Beer bathing advocates say hops are good for “vitality” and yeast does wonders for the skin. Not to mention the romance of snuggling up with your special someone while sitting in a pool of hot beer.

hotel room
Credit: © BrewDog

The hotel will open alongside a new sour beer program at the Columbus brewery, which is set to debut around the same time next year. And, like some of BrewDog’s other big projects, they plan to crowdfund the heck out of it. A contribution on their IndieGogo page of $5000 will let you design your own sour beer and a contribution of $30,000 will give you free rein of the place for an event of your choosing—a wedding, birthday or whatever else you want (come on boozy bar mitzvah!).

BrewDog is currently accepting contributions and as of publishing, had raised almost $14,000 in just the first hours of the campaign.