By Cailey Rizzo
Updated August 25, 2016
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This piece originally appeared on Travel + Leisure.

According to a new study, there may be a best day of the week to book a cruise.

On average, prices for cruises drop the most on Thursdays, according to The data also revealed Wednesdays to have the greatest price hikes during the week.

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The worst day to book if you’re hoping for a price drop, according to the data, is on Sundays. However, on the flipside, the weekends are also least likely to see price hikes: Those who prefer to play it safe can be assured of a steady price on weekend booking, while others might see big savings (or a hefty increase) in the middle of the week.

“Cruise lines invest massive amounts of resources into revenue optimization,” Britta Bernhard, co-founder of, said in a statement. “We are levelling the playing field and offering consumers up-to-date technology to make the right decisions.”

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In general, it’s best to book a cruise as far in advance as possible. Most cruises made booking available up to two years before the departure date, but it’s wisest to wait until six-to-12 months away from departure. However, cruises to places with limited seasons, like Alaska, fill up very quickly and booking is best done at least a year in advance.

Bear in mind that peak time for cruises is January through March, so rates will be higher in those months.

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