© kate krader
Pam Grier pretends she's eating Bluefin CollarLast night, I felt like Ashton Kutcher doing an episode of Punk’d. I was with Pam Grier, the iconic 1970s actress and star of Showtime’s The L-Word (and also my ex-stepsister-in-law), who is allergic to fish, raw and cooked. We were at Marea, chef Michael White’s exquisite NYC seafood restaurant. Someone, I thought, would come out of it not looking good. But White was a star—he made beet salad, garganelli with sausage ragù and guinea hen for Pam; I got to eat fish. In particular, I got to eat bluefin collar sashimi: rich red, well-marbled slices of tuna that looked like beef and tasted lightly fishy and sweet, with just a little bit of sinewy bite. Pam couldn’t try it (an ambulance would have shown up), but she got a kick out of how much I loved it. The photo above is Pam, mimicking my spontaneous gesture of tasting happiness, after my first bite.