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As a travel journalist, I am regularly on the go, whether via planes, trains, automobiles, or boats. And while I try to be a light packer for the most part, one thing I always include in my bag is a travel mug or bottle. Here’s a look at some of my favorites, with ideas for coffee and hot tea drinkers, too.

The Best Road Trip Travel Mug

When my husband, Miniature Schnauzer and I road trip, we fill our car’s cupholders with our travel mugs, each different from the next.

For my husband’s home brewed French press coffee, he prefers the 16-ounce Classic One Hand Vacuum Mug from Stanley; the company began making steel insulated bottles in 1913. And if he brews enough, he’ll fill the 16 ounce Klean Kanteen Travel Mug he picked up at one of his favorite local coffee shops. Both mugs keep his coffee hot for up to 10 hours, which is hopefully longer than the drive.

Credit: Courtesy Stanley

Since I don’t care for hot liquids, I fill my 24-ounce Tervis tumbler with ice-cold lemon water and have a cool drink to sip for our hours-long road trips. Tervis, which has been making insulated tumblers since 1946, has thousands of original and licensed designs from which to choose so you can proudly represent your college, interests, sports teams and more while you’re on the road. With my Tervis, I support my home team, the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Credit: Courtesy Highwave

Our dog, Scout, even has her own travel mug. The AutoDogMug from HighWave is perfect for the car, and even long walks - I simply squeeze the bottle and the bowl on top fills with water for her to drink. When she’s done, I release my grasp and the remaining water returns into the bottle, rather than spilling in the car.

The Best Travel Mug For Hot Tea and Cold Brew Drinkers

My parents, who are travelers themselves, are cold brew coffee drinkers, and I may have found the perfect gift for them—the Cold Brew Bottle - Coffee On the Go from Primula. They can refrigerate their cups of joe in the borosilicate glass bottle, and when it’s time to go, slip the bottle into the protective neoprene sleeve with a loop for easier carrying; the sleeve insulates the bottle and helps reduce condensation.

Credit: Courtesy Primula Products

As cooler weather sets in, Tea with a Twist Stainless Steel Mug is a terrific option for hot tea drinkers. The mug features a mesh tea basket so tea brews right into the mug, and its vacuum sealed body keeps the tea hot for up to eight hours.

The Best Travel Bottle For On the Go

Whichever way I’m traveling, I stash a S’well water bottle into my bag to quickly fill in airports so that I can stay hydrated while in the air. It’s also perfect for taking on a hike, when I go kayaking, or simply touring about town. They say that sharing is caring, so I may consider picking up a Drynk from Vaya, which includes two cups for when I venture out with travel buddies.

Credit: Courtesy Stojo

If I were a coffee drinker, I would check out the collapsible Stojo Pocket Cup. The leak-proof reusable cup is ideal for hot and cold drinks, and when finished, simply collapse the cup into a disk that is smaller than two inches in height that can stash nearly anywhere.

At the end of the day, your perfect travel mug is the one that fits you best. And if it has fond travel memories attached, all the better.