Credit: © Fotog / Tetra Images / Corbis

Every neighborhood needs a good bar. And if you’re in the newly developed neighborhood of NOMA in Manchester, England, that means you’ve got to build one. But the upcoming Pilcrow Pub isn’t just going to be some dive with cheap pints during happy hour. The entire bar—right down to the glasses patrons will drink from and the bells rung at last call—will be handmade by volunteers. The Pilcrow will use local craftsmen to give workshops on everything from carpentry to glass blowing and, after some instruction (and under the supervision of the experts), the volunteers will construct the bar. Once it’s done, the Pilcrow plans to pour exclusively local beer as well.

Pub pointman Ben Young hopes the project will inspire an interest in skills that have lost practitioners over the years, saying, “skills that were once commonplace have become endangered. Craft dies when we find a faster, cheaper way of doing business. Faster and cheaper are both fine, but we are interested in better…We want those who will be drinking at the Pilcrow to be able to say ‘we built this, this is our pub.’”

Right now, the pub is in the planning stages; those in charge expect to begin gathering volunteers in October, with construction starting in January of 2016.

Some early modeling of the Pilcrow

You can follow the Pilcrow’s progress on its blog and, if you’re in the NOMA neighborhood, you can sign up to help here.

[h/t PSFK]