Drinkers will also purportedly be able to build their own creations with Legos inside.
lego pop up bar in canada
Credit: Bloomberg / Getty Images

Themed pop-up bars have been an ongoing trend in London. In recent memory, we’ve reported on a pop-up prison-themed bar wittily named “Alcotraz,” a Breaking Bad pop-up bar, and a Kronenbourg-sponsored pop-up where the beer was served by dogs. Now, here’s the latest concept making the rounds, supposedly slated for a spring opening: a Lego-themed pop-up bar that is literally built from tons of Legos.

One Million Bricks, as the bar will be called, says, “We’re building a pop up bar made of one million building blocks,” according to its website. Ostensibly, those “building blocks” will more specifically be Lego bricks; however, the pop-up also states, “We are not associated with Lego®” – so apparently a bit of ambiguity is deemed necessary to keep any potential legal hassles at bay.

Though the pop-up has been mentioned by a few British outlets – including London on the Inside, Design My Night, and The Drinks Business – actual details are extremely scarce, with all of these sites pretty much just rehashing the One Million Bricks website. Though that site offers a chance to sign up for future info and pre-release tickets, it doesn’t provide any information about who is putting on this intriguing event or how to contact them. Even the date and location are completely up in the air.

Still, taking the website at face value, One Million Bricks sounds pretty cool. “How long has it been since you pulled out your old legosets, rounded up your friends and sat around creating and crafting castles, ships and whatever else you can imagine? If you’ve been waiting for an excuse, or your parents have given away your once beloved blocks this new pop up Adult playground might be just what you’re looking for,” the bar writes. “This Pop-Up, is the first of its kind and will consist of over one million blocks, transported and assembled into the ultimate nostalgia trip. The bar will feature sculptures made completely from lego bricks as well as an abundance of blocks for people to shape into their own creations. There will also be local DJ’s spinning tunes all day.”

Even if for some reason this whole thing never materializes, someone else should certainly jump on this concept. Maybe even Lego itself could get involved? The over-18 crowd is definitely a market the brand could do a better job of appealing to.