Credit: © Earl Carter

We remember when our home bar was a sad, barren wasteland. It had some cheap whiskey, vodka that came in a plastic bottle and a half-empty bottle of angostura bitters we didn’t remember buying. We could have used both extra funds and some guidance to turn it into a cocktail-making palace and now you’ll have the chance to win just that. Register here for a sweepstakes we're doing with, Caskers and Scoutmob and you can win $1000 for craft spirits not sold in any liquor store, $500 for all the barware you need and a consultation on what ingredients to keep on hand and how to mix drinks from one of the best mixologists in the country, Jim Meehan. We’ll even throw in an extra $250 to get whatever else you need to throw a party to celebrate. FYI: The contest ends Sunday.