Credit: © Laurel Anderson

Long ago, some genius decided to combine the bottle opener and the corkscrew, covering both your beer- and wine-opening needs in one place. But what about your cocktail needs? Barbarian Bar Tools believes you shouldn’t have to dig back into your kitchen drawer to solve this conundrum.

Based around a handheld citrus press, the Barbarian—Barbarian Bar Tools's first signature tool—is a 9-in-1 tool that pretty much does it all. It’s a citrus press, jigger, corkscrew and lever, zester, channel knife, bottle opener, can lance and 1-inch knife, all in a single build.

Find the citrus press a bit too bulky? They also make a “Simple Tool” which is a mere 5-in-1 take on the bar blade, incorporating a bottle opener, zester, channel knife, can tab lifter and can lance.

Both items are currently in the crowdfunding phase via Kickstarter, but the good news is that the design is already complete. They’re only looking to raise funds just to bring these products to market. In fact, Simple Tool orders are expected to ship as soon as next month.

The Simple Tool is currently selling at the early bird price of $15, and the Barbarian is early birding for $45. The project seems to have received solid backing, but it still has a ways to go to reach the goal of $37,000.

If you’re in need of some new bar tools, these seem like they could be some excellent space savers. Sure, it’s no robot that makes cocktails for you, but who says every Kickstarter project has to be ridiculous?