By Noah Kaufman
Updated April 29, 2015

Airline cutbacks have made it harder than ever to get snacks on a plane, but now some snacks are making it easier than ever to get a plane ticket. Actually, the snacks are a plane ticket. Transavia France, a budget subsidiary of Air France-KLM, is offering bags of gummy bears, chips and granola bars that double as tickets to Lisbon, Barcelona and Dublin. And although the bags look like gimmicks that just enter you in an unwinnable contest, each one is imprinted with a ticketing code. Just enter it on Transavia’s SnackHolidays website, and you can book one-way travel from Paris to any of the cities. The chips, gummies and bars are available in grocery stores, bookstores, even office vending machines. They do cost a bit more than the typical snack, though—a bag of Barcelona chips costs €35 ($39). But the way things are going, you’ll probably have to pay that much for a bag of chips on a Delta flight by next summer.