Our terrific former food-intern-turned-annual-cookbook-intern Cecilia Knutsson is now leaving for the next chapter of her life: As an expatriate in Kifissia, a Greek town 30 minutes north of Athens. “Loosely translated Kifissia means ‘where the breeze blows,’ which I’m sure will be convenient in the hot summer months,” she says.

A few weeks ago, she visited Greece with her husband to hunt for an apartment before the big move. Here, Cecilia shares some of her favorite food stops:

"In downtown Athens, we visited the Athens Food Market (42 Athinas Street). It is not for the faint-hearted, with halved animals hanging off hooks and butchers in bloodied white coats with cleavers, but it's a place every food lover should see."

"Just a block away from the food market we came across a small spice shop called Bachar (31 Evripidou Street). Barrels of spices, dried herbs and flowers filled the shop with an amazing aroma.

"Back in Kifissia at restaurant Kastelorizo (2 Platanou, N. Kifissia Sq.) we picked out fresh seafood, which was then grilled to perfection and brought to our table. We ate succulent pork souvlaki at Gourounakia, meaning, 'the little pig,' (99 Othonos Street), with a rare find – a non-smoking section!

"We found thirty different flavors of gelato and sorbet at Zillion’s Ice Cream Bar (Dionyssou Street), my favorites – mascarpone & fig and hazelnut.

Before the trip back home we found the perfect gift, a selection of Greek pastries purchased at Karavan (4, Emm. Benaki Street), which were quickly devoured by the F&W staff."