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Singapore's Private Kitchens Are the Ultimate Insider Experience
In apartments and houses across the city, Singapore’s cooks are preserving—and remaking—the island’s traditional cuisines.
Welcome to the True Ramen Capital of the World
Any noodle fan in Japan should make a visit to Kitakata, which has the most ramen spots per capita of any city in the world.
The World's Longest Flight's New Spa-Inspired In-flight Menu Features Steak, Crab, Lobster, and Chocolate
For Singapore Airlines passengers aboard world’s longest commercial flight—a nearly 19-hour non-stop between Singapore and Newark—the airline has teamed up with chefs and nutritionists of integrative wellness brand Canyon Ranch to develop an onboard program of sleep strategies, stretches, and lighter fare menus. 
What to Eat in Xi'an, China
Xi'an has famous foods—in its world-renowned Muslim quarter and beyond.
The 'Crazy Rich Asians' Guide to Singapore
The super-wealthy characters in "Crazy Rich Asians"—the best-selling book and brand new film, now in theaters—have no trouble finding ways to spend their not-so-hard-earned money, but you can have a great time in Singapore and not even part with much of yours.Related: The Best Hotels in SingaporeMany of Singapore's top attractions are free or low cost, food is inexpensive, and just walking down the busy streets is an experience in itself.Related: Why Singapore Changi Airport Is Still the BestThese Singapore locales appear in "Crazy Rich Asians," and you’ll want to include them in your own travel plans. We’ll refer to the scenes in the story, but no spoiler alerts needed — just a reminder of what awaits visitors to Asia’s tropical Lion City, Singapore.
You Can Take a Bath in Craft Beer at This Resort in Japan
The beer onsen is hot and the temperature outside is pushing 100, but soft, tingling skin is worth braving the heat.

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Eating Weng Yao Ji in Nantou Province, Where the Roads Are Lined With Chicken
One carnivore’s pilgrimage to Taiwan’s barbecue country, home to crisp-skinned, spice-rubbed, clay oven–roasted birds you’ll want to sink your teeth into
The Story Behind the Iconic Design of The Park Hyatt Tokyo

Bathed in soothing sea foam green carpets and low lighting, the Park Hyatt Tokyo is a masterpiece of design.