What am I thinking, taking a vacation to a place where I have to pack my puffy winter coat when it’s the middle of the sumer? I’m thinking that I love steak and I love wine and I love when I can afford to completely indulge in them. Today, I’m heading to chilly Buenos Aires for a week of glorious vacation. A few things I can’t wait to taste:

- Beef, of course. Since Argentines still raise a lot of their cattle without sending them to feedlots, I’m curious to see how their grass-fed beef differs from the grass-fed stuff produced here. Plus, I’ll be hanging out with F&W contributor and Julie and Julia author Julie Powell who’s been in the trenches of Argentine beef production and blogging from B.A. while researching for her forthcoming book on butchering. Warning: Some of her pictures are not for the faint of heart.
- Empanadas. The friend I’m meeting who has already been down in B.A. for a week says that while he hasn’t found a decent loaf of bread, the bakeries within steps of our apartment make amazing empanadas.
- Dinner at Casa SaltShaker, one of B.A.’s “underground” restaurants. This one, created by NYC restaurant veteran Dan Perlman, brings together 12 diners on weekends for wacky themed meals.
- Malbec, Torrentes, and other Argentine wines. I’m not a huge fan of South American wine in general but I hope this trip changes my mind.
- As many places as I can squeeze in from the F&W Go List, especially Standard from super talented (and cute!) chef Santiago Garat.