Credit: © Courtesy of Hop in the Spa

Americans clearly have an interest in bathing themselves in beer. Just last week, a video went viral featuring an inside look at one of the world’s most famous beer spas, Starkenberger in Austria. But while most of us were living our beer-soaking dreams vicariously through YouTube, some lucky Oregonians were actually getting the full hop treatment over the weekend with the opening of Hop in the Spa, a brand-new business in the city of Sisters billed as America’s first beer spa.

Now, to be fair, Hop in the Spa doesn’t literally have you sitting in vats of beer. According to Oregon Live, these baths are actually composed of hot spring water and fresh hops, with some herbs and mineral oils to boot. For those who imagined being covered in a thin film of Coors Banquet Beer, the fact that real beer isn’t used may be an added bonus.

But though the focus of the treatments is all about the hops, patrons are still encouraged to have a beer (or a glass of wine) while they relax. The brews, just like the hops, are all provided by the nearby and well-regarded Deschutes Brewery, so you won’t have to worry about drinking anything subpar. And eventually, Hop in the Spa is hoping to expand to include a beer garden in the back of the building and a lounge with hop-infused coffee. The final vision sounds like a great place to get your hop fix no matter what part of your body you want to shove them into.

“The spa is just a fun, wonderful experience,” cofounder Mike Boyle told Oregon Live. “We're just starting to get to know the true value of hops.” I think he’s talking about hops from a healing perspective. From a taste perspective, the value of hops is very well established. Though you probably won’t want to taste the ones you’ve been soaking in.