I'd take a pickle over chocolate any day, and especially love really salty pickles like Indian keri ka achaar (pickled mangoes). I always need to chop them up extra fine since their brininess can get overwhelming. But this weekend I stumbled upon my solution at Taïm, a super-tiny Middle Eastern spot on Waverly Place in the West Village that bills itself as a falafel and smoothie bar. I call it condiment heaven. I ordered the sabich, an overstuffed pita with deep-fried eggplant slathered with the mysterious-sounding, divinely tangy-tart amba sauce. Turns out Taïm's version of amba is made with pickled mangoes spiked with fenugreek, cumin and black pepper—like keri ka achaar in spreadable form. No more dicing for me: Taïm sells the stuff by the jar.