Full kitchens are one of the most searched-for amenities on the booking site. 
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One of the main benefits to staying in an Airbnb over a hotel is kitchen access. A new survey of U.S. travelers who prefer Airbnb found that 44% of people rank full kitchens as their first or second priority when searching for amenities. (The most searched-for amenities are full kitchen, pool, free parking, and pet-friendly.)

97% percent of the 1,999 people that Airbnb Plus surveyed said that amenities—including coffee machines, kitchen tools, glassware—impact their travel experience, even more so than shopping/dining, location, culture, and family/friends.

So if you're looking to plan a last-minute getaway for Labor Day and would like to cook for yourself wherever you end up (we highly recommend these recipes), here are some Airbnb options from around the world with beautiful, spacious, actually-usable kitchens. Alternatively, you can just admire these photos of people who have nicer, cleaner kitchens than all of us.

Los Angeles




Cape Town


If eating is important to you and you like the idea of cooking—but maybe not some of the logistics, like sourcing ingredients or cleaning a strange kitchen—Airbnb launched "Experiences" last year to offer travelers cooking classes, tastings, and food tours, having found that 54% of travelers like to both eat out and cook on vacation. At the moment, the most-booked Experience is an ice cream tour of Lisbon, but there also several popular cooking adventures, like paella-making class in Barcelona, sushi-making in Tokyo, and fresh pasta-making in Florence.