From Lisbon ice cream tastings to tea ceremonies in Kyoto. 

Credit: Stefano Politi Markovina/Getty Images

Food travel is on the rise. More and more travelers are organizing their adventures around eating and drinking, which has become its own genre of sightseeing. And now, it's super easy to book local food experiences around the globe through sites and apps that offer tours, tastings, and cooking classes. In 2017, for example, Airbnb launched "Experiences" to offer users more than just lodging.

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Airbnb gathered data on the top 50 booked Experiences on the platform to find the ten most popular food-focused ones—and shared them with Food & Wine. From sushi-making classes to tapas crawls, the activities on the list should appeal to anybody who travels because they love snacks and drinks.

1. Lisbon's Best Flavours (Lisbon): "We'll learn about Portuguese cuisine as we stroll down winding alleys to find unique places full of culinary treasures." ($64 per person.)

2. Pastamania (Florence): "We are the owners of this famous pasta shop called "Dalle nostre mani". We make fresh pasta as our mum and grandma tought us and we will share with you all the secrets of working with flour and water." ($64 per person.)

3. Paella Maestro (Barcelona): "Learn step by step how to cook your first Paella following my family receipt in an amazing kitchen. During this cooking workshop we'll also prepare one of the Spanish most traditional and refreshing drinks, Sangria, and one of Catalans favourites desert, 'Catalan cream.'" ($42 per person.)

4. Ice Cream Roll (Los Angeles): "This is an 'All You Can Roll' ice cream buffet.. When you aren't rolling your own customized curly creation, you are watching ice cream rolled right in front of you on the ice grills." ($19 per person.)

5. Cooking Chianti (Florence): "We’ll explore the rich flavors of Italian cuisine in this interactive cooking class in a hillside woodland home." ($139 per person.)

6. Sushi-making Experience (Shinjuku): "There are various kinds of sushi, but we will make 5 kinds this time (Nigiri sushi, Tamagyaki-sushi, winding winding, manual winding, fine winding). Generally there are two kinds of hand grips (kotegaeshi/tategaeshi). I will make sushi by this method." ($51 per person.)

7. Tea ceremony in Kyoto Townhouse (Kyoto): "Let's find the concept and philosophy behind this performing art. At first, you will learn the basic concepts and ideas of tea ceremony. You will also learn how to behave in a tea room and appreciate its decoration. Next, you'll watch a demonstration of "the way of tea". We think you will enjoy the quiet and serene atmosphere. And now let's make your own tea! We will tell you how to drink it, and also serve you a specially selected Japanese cake." ($34 for person.)

8. The original tapas crawl adventure (Barcelona): "This early evening tapas crawling experience and drinks pairing has been designed to be discovered over a short adventure lasting 3 hours, to showcase what Barcelona’s most authentic and popular restaurants and bars can offer in terms of food and local drinks." ($69 per person.)

9. From market to meal (Shibuya): "We come to one of my favorite supermarkets. I show you and explain the most seasonal and Japanese original produces, and basic seasonings like soy sauce, miso, kelp, and dried bonito. From this part of experience, I'd like my guest to discover what Japanese eat everyday, and what are the common ingredients of Japanese cuisine." ($82 per person.)

10. Hands-on Authentic Thai Cooking Class (Bangkok): "At House of Taste Thai Cooking School, you'll be able to shop at the market, cook authentic Thai food, and eat four favorite dishes. The day will be divided into two parts with a morning class that will have us exploring Khlong Toei—the biggest fresh market in Bangkok—where you will learn about vegetables before you cook them. ($46 per person.)