The actor reveals his softer, vegan-friendly side.
Danny Trejo
Credit: © Ernesto Ruscio / Getty Images

You probably know actor Danny Trejo as the bare-chested, blade-wielding Machete, or one of the more gruff passengers aboard the inmate-filled plane in Con Air. He is famous for his menacing snarls, violent character portrayals and all-leather attire. But now, he’s turned his furrowed brow to a new venture: tacos.

Located in Los Angeles's Miracle Mile neighborhood, Trejo’s Tacos has signage bearing its proprietor's angry face. But the food will be friendly—especially to vegans. Designed by L.A. chef Daniel Mattern, the menu features house-made salsas, organic chopped kale salads, mung bean tortillas and vegan tacos stuffed with things like fried avocado and black pepper tofu inspired by chef Yottam Ottolenghi’s spicy dish. (Of course, the restaurant will also offer non-vegan items like fried chicken tacos and shrimp tostadas.) The menu isn’t the restaurant’s only virtue. After service is over, any leftover food will be donated to a local homeless shelter.

The restaurant will be the latest addition to Trejo’s collection of food projects, which include Cerveca (his downtown L.A.–brewed beer) and his own coffee blend roasted in Pasadena. He’s not stopping there, either. Expect to see a line of ice cream sandwiches from the actor, as well as another Trejo’s Taco outpost in Hollywood.

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