By Mike Pomranz
Updated September 21, 2016

If you were given a free upgrade to a $21,000 first class seat on your Emirates Airlines flight from Dubai to New York City, you’d probably be pretty stoked and want to tell all your friends. For YouTuber Casey Neistat, his circle of friends is a bit bigger than most people’s – assuming you include his more than 4.5 million followers – so he shared his experience the best way he knows how: by making a YouTube video.

Though we’ve seen these sort of humblebrag stories before, with flyers not used to indulging in such luxuries showing off their over-the-top first class experiences, Neistat does a nice job of providing a rather matter-of-fact explanation of his experience, documenting the different amenities his pricey seat afforded him – including things like caviar, fancy bedding, 30 minutes in the onboard shower and, for some reason, motorized everything from doors to a wetbar.

As someone who has never had this sort of flying experience (I am open to offers, btw!), these videos used to be a bit awe inspiring. But at this point, so many of them are available on YouTube, I find myself often being severely less impressed than I probably should be. That seat that converts into a bed looks fine enough, I found myself thinking watching Neistat’s video, but it’s nothing compared to the double bed available as part of Etihad Airways’ The Residence!

Alas, I may have never have the opportunity to try any of these amazing first class flights in person, but I’ve become very adept at judging them from afar. Thanks, YouTube!