Did Your City Not Make Our Next Great Food Cities List? Here's Your Chance to Tell Us What We're Missing

Let us know what city has a booming food scene and why it should be considered one of the next great food cities!

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As an avid consumer of recipes, food news, and culture it would make sense that you, our reader, are also a traveler always on the lookout for the hottest new food destination to add to your list. We're all well aware of the robust dining scenes in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and other major cities and even more recent heavyweights like Austin and New Orleans. And while there's always more innovation and plenty of other reasons to come back to the greats, we think it's worthwhile to also pay attention to the food cities that have a burgeoning culinary scene that's right on the cusp of being the next big thing. That's why we took a good look at all of our recent memorable dining experiences, talked to some of our favorite taste-makers and hole-in-the-wall connoisseurs, and did a little good old-fashioned research to bring you our 2022 Next Great Food Cities.

Now you may look at our list of seven under-the-radar cities (and four smaller ones that punch above their weight) and simply copy and paste all of our recommendations into your next itinerary. Or, as we expect, you'll have a lot of opinions, chief among them "how could you leave _______ out!?" If you're leaning towards the latter, we understand, and we want to hear from you (yes, really)! If you think your hometown, or any city you love that's bursting with amazing food options, is missing from our list let us know so we can consider it for our 2022 Next Great Food Cities Reader's Choice.

To make your voice heard, click on the Instagram post above and drop a comment telling us what city we're missing out on and why. You can also submit your answer on our daily Instagram Story queries—rationale still required. Whichever way you go about it, make sure to "vote" in comments or Stories today through April 21st so we can take your destination into consideration and see how it stacks up against other nominees. And who knows, if your pick comes out on top and your reasons are good enough, we might just tap you to give us and our followers a tour of the Reader's Choice on our Instagram handle.

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