By Noah Kaufman
Updated May 12, 2014

If you want to go on a date in New York, you probably need a full time job. But if you want to go on a date elsewhere in the world, two would be better. Deutsche Bank released its annual “cheap date index.” They ranked cities around the world based on the cost of a cab ride, two movie tickets, two McDonald’s hamburgers and two beers. The only good news about the numbers here, is that if you take someone out for a movie and McDonald’s hamburgers you’ll be guaranteed not to need to take them out again because they’ll never want a second date with you. But the results will still probably shock you. First of all, no American city cracked the top 10. New York came in 11th just behind Auckland, New Zealand. The other thing that will probably surprise you is how ungodly expensive a “cheap date” actually is. In London, home of the world’s most expensive cheap date, it will run you $121 just to take that person with the cute OK Cupid picture for a burger, a lousy beer and trip to the new Adam Sandler movie. New York comes in at a practically-free-by-comparison $93. The economists who created the index also made sure to note that, though it was included last year, the cost of a bouquet of roses was removed because it was “skewing the comparison.”

The lesson here is that if you want a great date, you’d be better off cooking at home and seeing what’s available to stream on Netflix.

Check the full top 15 cities below:



London, UK


Wellington, New Zealand


Edinburgh, UK


Berlin, Germany


Sydney, Australia


Paris, France


Tokyo, Japan


Frankfurt, Germany


Melbourne, Australia


Auckland, New Zealand


New York, USA


Toronto, Canada


San Francisco, USA


Boston, USA


Chicago, USA