Last week, New York magazine announced the end of the $100 steak (actually it was Tom Colicchio, explaining why Craftsteak is becoming Colicchio & Sons). Since then, I've been looking for a way to characterize the new era and came up with this: the $15 chicken. Of course there’s been phenomenal $12 fried chicken at Egg in Williamsburg for a while now (for a quarter of a bird; $16 for half). But there's been so much talk of fried chicken, let’s discuss some newer options. At Northern Spy Food Co. in the East Village, succulent roasted bobo chicken is $14. Over in the West Village, at Corsino Cantina, the main-course grilled chicken spiedini with artichokes are $14, too. And at Vinegar Hill House in an impossible-to-find location in Brooklyn, the cast-iron chicken is exactly $15‚ and comes to the table in the supercute, eponymous skillet. And no, it's not fried.