By Noah Kaufman
Updated October 30, 2014
© UpperCut Images / Alamy

By now, you may have planned a costume, a horror movie marathon or a spooky beer party for Friday, but some Halloween flair is out of your control. WalletHub, which recently ranked American cities on food affordability is back with a deep analysis of the best places to celebrate Halloween. Coming in at the top of the list: the Twin Cities. St. Paul and Minneapolis are No. 1 and 2, respectively. The worst place in America for Halloween is Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Sorry, Tar Heels.

The rankings, based on statistics from the Census Bureau, the National Agriculture Statistics Service and even the FBI, take into account metrics like costume stores per capita, the walkability of trick-or-treating neighborhoods, ease of finding a pumpkin and what the weather is likely to be on Friday (no one likes a cold, rainy Halloween).

You can read the complete report here, or if you just want to know how good a Halloween destination your hometown is, check out the map below.