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A Highly Opinionated Guide to Eating in Birmingham

Our photo editor is an unofficial ambassador for his newly adopted hometown. Here's a rundown of his favorite spots.

Tasting Home with Kwame Onwuachi

In this three-part video series, Chef Kwame Onwuachi traces his culinary roots by traveling to Trinidad, Jamaica, Louisiana, and Texas.

Old Ski Gondolas Find New Life as Private Dining Rooms

A Colorado woman is revamping used gondolas to help restaurants stay afloat with outdoor dining.

A Chef's Guide to the Harlem Valley

Award-winning chef Gabe McMackin of Troutbeck in Amenia, New York, shares the makers, farmers, and fisheries that make his community so special.

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Doughnuts, donuts, crullers, beignets, malasadas—by any name, these are the finest fried dough treats in America.

France Passes Law to Preserve the Sounds and Smells of the Countryside

Complaints aside, the French Senate deemed loud roosters, pungent horse manure, and the like official parts of the country's rural "sensory heritage."