'South Park' Really Does Not Care for Yelpers

South Park has practically made its career by taking people, organizations, businesses, religions, products and everything else that exists on Earth down a peg. Now in its 19th season, though the show might not be the cultural powerhouse it once was, it still knows how to spin accurate satire, especially when given a hefty lob.

New App Wants to Be Like Yelp for Rating People Instead of Restaurants

Next time you’re on the verge of leaving that nasty restaurant review, think to yourself, How would I feel if someone left me a review as mean as this? Because if a new app has its way, that’s where the future is headed.

Peeple, an app that is still in the development stages, says they are planning to launch as a five-star rating system for humans—essentially a Yelp rip-off where you can tell people how much you think they suck in a similar manner to how you can destroy the egos of restaurant owners.

This Toddler Eats for Free All Over New York

Eating in New York can get expensive. That is, unless you're a Yelp and Instagram celebrity with the good fortune to also be an adorable two-year-old. Mike Chau's photographs of his son Matthew at restaurants around the city have earned him 51, 800 Instagram followers (@foodbabyny) and 5,000 Yelp friends (that’s the point at which Yelp caps it).

This Bill Will Fight for Your Right to Leave Bad Yelp Reviews

A new bill proposed in Congress wants to make it illegal for businesses to take retribution against customers who leave bad reviews online about their experiences.

Anti-Yelp Documentary Wants Your Help

By now, most people know the allegations against Yelp: They manipulate businesses’ review pages and treat companies that pay for advertisements better than those that don’t. These claims even formed the basis of a class action suit against the review site, a case that Yelp ultimately won.

Congress Wants to Protect Your Right to Write Bad Reviews

You have the right to be angry! That’s what a couple of US congressmen believe. Earlier this week, Representatives Eric Swalwell and Brad Sherman (both California Democrats) introduced the Consumer Review Freedom Act, legislation that aims to protect consumers who post negative reviews online.

Whatever Yelp Allegedly Did Is Not Illegal

Does that terrible restaurant review you just read on Yelp really reflect bad food and service or is it part of a deep-seeded online protection scam run by the website? It turns out that legally the answer to that question does not matter a bit.

7 Tips for Finding Great Food in Lands that Yelp Forgot

A bus leaves you at an unmarked stop somewhere on the corner of two unnamed streets, kicking up dust in a part of the world where there is no Yelp, no Trip Advisor, no Foursquare and where the only online access comes via a pay-by-the-minute 1998 Gateway in a sketchy Internet café. This may well be a dream vacation.

French Chefs Petition to End the Negative Review

Bad online reviews: They’re the bane of every restaurant owner. It used to be if you ran a crappy café, months might pass before word of mouth let the whole town know your soufflé sucked. Now, thanks to sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor, all of France can read about your dessert disaster a mere moment after it arrives collapsed.

But who reviews the online reviewers? No one, really. And that reality inspired one French chef to fight back.