Yelp Adds Option to Personalize Search Results

Yelp helped pioneer a sea change in the way people choose restaurants with a simple idea: Everyone's opinion matters — eschewing the power of critics for the kind of global word-of-mouth consensus that only the internet can offer. But the truth is everyone's opinion doesn't matter, at least to you specifically.

Yelp Just Made It Easier to Choose Women-Owned Businesses

Today marks the first day of March, also known as Women’s History Month, and to celebrate, Yelp has partnered with Rebecca Minkoff to help identify and promote women-owned businesses on its site.

Yelp Hopes Its New Feature Helps Users Avoid Discrimination in Restaurants

Yelp has been all about making the best restaurants easier for hungry people to find, whether that’s by posting hygiene grades in restaurant listings, or as the company announced today, adding a new “attribute” that allows businesses to be categorized as “open to all…regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, religion, disability, sexual orientation,

Yelp Is Adding Hygiene Ratings to Restaurant Listings

What do you look for in a restaurant? Good food, pleasant service, maybe comfortable seating, and hopefully it's clean, too. Many cities have adopted a policy of assigning letter grades to restaurants, which help consumers determine which eateries have passed health inspections.

The Ten Most Popular Dishes in the Country, According to Yelp

Last-Minute Dinner Reservations Just Got a Lot Easier

Americans Want More Independent Restaurants, According to Yelp

Certain well-known chefs and Yelp may not always have the most cordial relationship, but the ubiquitous user review site has some very good news for independent restaurants around the country. Namely, that over the last five years, Yelper's preferences shifted in their favor.

House Passes Bill Protecting Your Right to Write Bad Reviews

Life, liberty and Yelp reviews.

Yelp Announces Pay Raise for Customer Service Reps After Open Letter from Upset Employee

Who says no one cares about random blog ramblings? Sure, no one cares about most random blog ramblings, but every now and then something really does grab the public’s attention and make a difference.

This New Site Thinks It Can Fix What’s Wrong with Yelp

Though Yelp has changed (and many would say improved) the way that we find restaurants, the site has also generated lots of criticisms, whether they come from the funny guys over at South Park or the more serious people going after the review company in court.