White Castle

White Castle Gets Its Own Beer Courtesy of Weyerbacher Brewing

Pennsylvania’s Weyerbacher Brewing Company is one of the beer world’s sadder stories.

White Castle Is Giving Away 1 Million Sliders in Honor of Harold, Kumar, & Uber Eats Delivery

Exactly 15 years ago today, the movie Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle debuted in theaters — and how things have changed. Yes, stoners still love White Castle, but the other basic plot point of the movie — driving to get food — has essentially been replaced by food delivery apps.

White Castle Could Be Your Ticket to an Olympic Luging Career

One of the hottest trends in food marketing, apparently, is using the double meaning of a common word to spur a promotional tie-in with an often-overlooked winter sport! Two years ago, Cheetos — the self-proclaimed master of the cheese curl — used a pun as their reasoning for sponsoring USA Curling as the team pursued their dream of medaling at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Yes, White Castle Has a Recipe for Stuffing Made from Sliders

Whether you call it stuffing or dressing, whether you make it with white, sourdough, rye, or cornbread, and whether you cook it inside or outside the cavity of a turkey, the bready side-dish is, in my opinion, the unsung hero of Thanksgiving dinner.

The Web Series ‘Wu-Tang in Space Eating Impossible Sliders’ Is as Otherworldly as the Name Implies

“It’s kind of crazy on Earth right now, so we came to space to get some perspective and acquire some knowledge,” Ghostface Killah explains with little irony early on in the first episode of Wu-Tang in Space Eating Impossible Sliders. As strange as the title of this four-part web series sounds, it’s also a bit of a misnomer: Throughout the first three-and-a-half minute video, we rarely see Ghost or his co-host the GZA eat any White Castle Impossible Sliders.

White Castle Offers Vegan Impossible Burger Nationwide

Carnivorous burger lovers looking to go vegetarian or vegan are currently living in the golden age of guilt-free, plant-based meat.

Get a Free Burger and Drink at White Castle Today

The great thing about fake (or not-so-fake) food holidays is that there's always another one around the corner. Yesterday was National Biscuit Day, today is National Chocolate Chip Day, tomorrow is National Barbecue Day. And even better is when some of those food holidays overlap.

We Tried White Castle's Impossible Burger Slider

Just a few short years ago, eating a "veggie burger" usually meant just that: eating a burger made from vegetables, mushrooms, beans, perhaps quinoa, and some spices thrown in for good measure.

White Castle Puts Vegan Impossible Burger Sliders on the Menu

We've been following the rise of the Impossible Burger from its origins as a promising vegan meat alternative to the darling of chefs like David Chang.

Book Your Table for White Castle's 27th Annual Valentine's Day Dinner

Netflix's The Crown may have you dreaming of a romantic English castle getaway, but this Valentine's Day, Americans have been once again given the opportunity to celebrate their love at (and/or of) another form of castle: White Castle.