Bartenders Want You to Drink Fireball

If you ask a bartender for a drink recommendation, you might expect something classic and a bit nerdy like an old-school Gin Daisy or a Vesper—or even a nice glass of smoky mezcal. But a recent survey suggests that you’ll more likely get a shot of Fireball Whisky.

Los Angeles is Getting its Own Whiskey Club for Women

If you're still thinking brown liquor is for the boys, you're sadly mistaken. Women can and certainly do love whiskey, just as much men. That's why a group of malt loving ladies founded the organization Women Who Whiskey in 2011 in New York City, with the aim of introducing and educating women on becoming connoisseurs of the spirit. The group expanded their operations to multiple cities, with domestic chapters in Washington DC and Portland to name a few, as well an international outposts in locales from Sweden to Kenya to Australia.

Americans Are Drinking Lots of High-End Whiskey, Not So Much Cheap Gin

If you've ever wondered what fellow Americans are drinking these days, the answer has just come in from the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States, a trade organization that industry types call DISCUS.

Best Whiskies to Use in an Old Fashioned

There are two kinds of people in this world (or three kinds, including people who try to defend Star Wars Episodes 1 through 3). But among drinkers, there’s the kind who’ve had an Old Fashioned, and those who haven’t.

American Single Malt Whiskey Is Very Much a Thing

If you’ve learned how to read a whiskey label, you may have fallen in love with whiskey, and you probably find yourself searching most eagerly for those two words, “Single Malt.”

How to Decode Any Whiskey Label

Ideally you want to get into a whiskey bottle, not spend all your time reading it like a cereal box. But to ensure you actually like what you buy, it’s probably a good idea to know how to decode a label.

Nick Offerman’s Yule Log Should Be Left on All Season Long

Long ago the lines between the real Nick Offerman and his Lagavulin swigging character from Parks and Recreation blurred, but one thing is for certain—like Ron Swanson, Offerman loves a good single malt. And that love is on display for an uninterrupted 45-minute stretch in the latest video for “My Tales of Whiskey” campaign.

The Grown-Up Whiskey-Filled Advent Calendars Are the Best Way to Countdown to Christmas

As a lifelong celebrator of Hanukkah, my childhood dose of holiday chocolate came from dreidel winnings and not advent calendars, which was fine with me—I was a gimel spinning machine. But I know the month long surprises hiding behind advent calendar flaps are an important part of the holiday season. And while chocolate is great, Drinks by the Dram have much better set of treats for daily consumption.

Impressive New Single Malts for the Scotch Lover on Your Gift List

If you grew up with a Scotch-drinking aunt or uncle, you probably know the name John Dewar & Sons. The brand’s bottlings, especially the Dewar's White Label, are old-school staples for loyal drinkers who value consistency—blended whisky's calling card. Though blended Scotches contain various single-malt whiskys that might vary from year to year, the better makers are brilliant at maintaining a consistent house style (much the way Champagne producers make non-vintage bottlings).

Tips for a Whiskey Pairing Dinner Party

This astonishingly soft, pristine Japanese whisky is aged in American, sherry and Japanese oak casks. It pairs extremely well with lighter meat courses.

A recent import from Canada, this whisky is full of baking-spice flavors: nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla. It’s fantastic with juicy roasts.