Is It Worth Dropping Extra Money to Add Special Water To Your Whiskey?

We asked some master distillers what they thought.

Most Of Us Can’t Tell Difference Between Bourbon and Rye

With Derby season upon us we’re rekindling our love affair with whiskey, but do we have any idea what kind we’re drinking?

Drink This: No Nonsense, Seriously Delicious Irish Apple Tart Cocktail

Irish whiskey + apple tart = a delicious, non girly cocktail. This isn’t some apple-tini nonsense, this is a legit drink. The spiciness of the Irish whiskey, the herbaceousness of the benedictine, and the flavors of the applejack are the base for this delicious cocktail. Bottoms up!


5 Surprising Places to Find Fantastic Whiskey

When most people think about whiskey, the usual suspects come to mind: Kentucky, Scotland, Ireland, and maybe Canada. But as the popularity of the brown stuff has exploded, new distilleries and non-distilling producers have sprung up across the world, some in places not traditionally known for their whiskey. Some of these distilleries closely follow tradition, while others put their own spin on the long and rich history of brown spirits. Here is some of the best whiskey (or “whisky,” outside of the U.S. and Ireland) to be distilled in unexpected places around the globe.

You'll Never Guess Which Country Drinks the Most Whiskey

There's a certain pride in being the nation that drinks the most whiskey—and it's a badge of honor that would mean something different if you swapped in vodka or gin or rum. So who drinks the most whiskey? Your first guess would be Scotland or Ireland, right? Because that's where the good stuff has historically been made. Or the United States because we're a huge nation with a notoriously strong thirst for brown spirits? Or maybe it's China because they are hardcore aficionados of spirits with money to burn? Wrong, wrong, and wrong. The answer is France.

These Are the Most Popular Irish Whiskeys in America

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, and even for those of us who might prefer bourbon or Scotch, today is the day we fill our glasses with Irish whiskey. And our friends at Vinepair did a little digging to see which Irish whiskeys we’re drinking most. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Jameson tops the list by a factor of 10, but there are plenty of other Irish whiskeys out there getting tossed back today (and the rest of the year too.)

Tomorrow’s Hangover is brought To You By The Ultimate Pickleback Shot

What used to be an east coast dive bar favorite is now found throughout the country and ordered by the bravest of drinkers. The pickleback is a shot of whiskey chased with the salty brine of a pickle. Usually the sweet and sour brine is poured straight from the jar to help soften the intensity of the whiskey. But here, to help you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the most efficient and fun way possible, the whiskey is already marinating in the chaser when served in a pickle. Cheers!

Drink Your Beer and Whiskey from One Bottle This St. Patrick's Day

Beer and whiskey are two staples of any proper St. Patrick’s Day, so why not try one drink that merges the two? That’d be Jameson Caskmakes — their Irish whiskey aged in stout barrels.

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These Awesome Irish Whiskey Ice Creams Will Go Down Easy

This time of year, everyone is feeling a little Irish, and in celebration of that, a Brooklyn ice cream shop, OddFellows, is offering a limited-time flight of Irish whiskey ice creams.

OddFellows, which is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn began offering the flight of three different Irish whiskey ice creams this past weekend and it will be available until the end of April for $10.

America Can’t Get Enough Irish Whiskey

We may be in a Scotch drought, but Irish whiskey is doing just fine. In fact, it’s flourishing. According to The Spirits Business, high-end Irish whiskey sales have grown 589 percent since 2002, earning $664 million in the U.S. just last year.